Potentiometers & hall-effect sensors

We supply the full range of motorsport standard rotary position sensors from Penny & Giles, Contelec or Novotechnik. We can also supply the linear sensor as used on some early Hewland gearboxes.

Most sensors are available from stock. Sensors can be supplied with either 'Raychem' heatshrink or Viton protective boots. Cables utilise spec-55 wire and are normally sheathed with high specification Raychem 'DR25' or equivalent.

Hall-effect sensors can be supplied in either single or dual output version, including 6-wire fully independent type. Hall-effect sensors are a more reliable alternative to resistive potentiometers and are generally immune to the effects of vibration. We always specify hall-effect sensors for use with our paddleshift system.

Penny & Giles hall-effect   6-wire fully redundant hall-effect   6-wire fully redundant hall effect for latest Tractive gearboxes   Suzuki Hayabusa hall effect sensor kit  
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Resistive type (350 degree) - £70.00 +VAT
Hall-effect (Single channel) - from £95.00 +VAT
Hall-effect (Dual channel) - from £115.00 +VAT
Hall-effect (Dual channel, 6-wire fully independent) - from £135.00 +VAT
Tractive RD90 (later square type), dual channel - £125.00 +VAT
Suzuki Hayabusa kit (Dual channel, 6-wire fully independent)- £195.00 +VAT
Linear plunger type for early Hewland gearboxes - £35.00 +VAT